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    ?Iprovalicarb is a systemic fungicide and has high biological activity with particular efficacy against downy mildew. Iprovalicarb has an excellent toxicological and ecotoxicological profile. It has excellent fungicidal activity against Plasmopara viticola, Peronospora vicia, Phytophthora sp, Alternaria sp Fred Perry Canada in grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco and vegetables. Iprovalicarb (Melody 50 W) was applied as a foliar spray on cabbage at the recommended dose, 300 g a.i ha(-1) and double the recommended dose, 600 g a.i ha(-1) at 50% head formation stage. Two Polo Ralph Lauren Montreal Outlet application of each dose was made after an interval of 15 days. Residues of iprovalicarb in cabbage samples were analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography. It was detectable up to 15 days in both cabbage head and leaves at both the doses of application, after first and second applications. The dissipation model yielded rate constants 0.1157, 0.1121, 0.1170, 0.1114 day(-1) on cabbage heads after first and second applications at the recommended and double the recommended dose of application, respectively. The residual half-lives on cabbage heads and leaves were varied between 2.6-2.7 and 2.5-2.8 days, respectively. This suggested that dissipation was independent of initial doses and followed first order kinetics. The projected Theoretical Maximum Residue Contribution of iprovalicarb after first and second application was found to be lower than calculated Maximum Permissible Intake.  

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